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Videogames to set your heart ablaze

The geek vigilantes with humor and an appreciation for campiness

 - About Grilled Cain - 

"Let us cook"

Videogames are something more than a work of art. At Grilled Cain, we believe they're a form of life, an expression of identity, an experience that can be enjoyed with others both inside and outside the game itself.

As such, not only do we want to make something to be enjoyed, we want to inbue a part of each of us into our endeavors, including bits of the world we live in.

Games are as varied as people, and people have varied through time.

But, if there's one single constant to be sure of, is that perpetual sense of belonging.

And here, we want to offer a full-course "meal" that will affect lives.

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Nuestros juegos

Our Projects

We may not have much for now, but that's because we can't show you everything yet!

Be sure to follow us and stay updated to learn more.

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Simulator - Upcoming

In Boss Lair Manager, you'll be assuming the role of Kasandra, the chief employee at the Demon King's mansion.

While he is away in his quest to find the most delicious cake, you'll be responsible for oversseing nothing goes wrong!

 - Join Our Community - 

We believe in communication and establishing relationships with everyone around, whether you want to discuss our projects or simply seek who to nerd out with, send us a message!

We'll let you cook. (。•̀ ᵕ - )⸝ ♨


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